15th Malaga Spanish Film Festival.
Official Selection. Signis Award.

· Looking for Eimish, Signis Award at the XV Malaga Film Festival

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· SIGNIS Award for Looking for Eimish, by Ana Rodriguez Rosell

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· Buscando a Eimish Es Selección Oficial del Festival de Cine de Málaga

“And in that way, Looking for Eimish manages to position itself as the second best film screened in the official selection of the Malaga Spanish Film Festival
– the first still being, indisputably, Xavi Puebla’s “A Puerta Fría.
Call me sentimental. I don’t care about your discernment.” VÍCTOR A. GÓMEZ

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· Article published on the website MUNDO MINUSCULO

Looking for Eimish photocall at Malaga Film Festival, Manuela Velles, Oscar Jaenada, Jan Cornet, Emma Suarez and Ana Rodriguez.

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· Looking for Eimish was well received by the audience in Malaga!!

“A story starring Oscar Jaenada and Manuela Velles, with a strong, touching look, Jan Cornet on the role of a tormented youth, away from other roles, and a very powerful Emma Suarez.”

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